We are High Pointe Land

High Pointe Land came together pretty naturally. The three of us found each other at the right time. We have unique backgrounds and experience that compliment each other and really just brought it all together. Jim has been a realtor and a land developer in the space for years. He brings deep relationships and a lot of experience to our group. Don was the leader of a local builder for 20 years. He brings the builder perspective and project design, and a whole lot of structure to that part of our business.

I’m a broker, and I’m the business operations lead. I bring a lot of structure in the business and management part of things. We specialize in small to medium-sized projects, projects that maybe are too small for a large developer, or take a special touch or finesse to get accomplished. Projects that may have had a full start before or where the landowner maybe needs an advocate. We keep relationships front and center. We always believe that we are guests in the communities we’re invited into, and we’re there to listen, and we create what truly belongs there for those who live there.

How can High Pointe Land help me develop my land?

Our company offers three options for you as a seller or as an agent representing a seller to develop your land. Our first option would be a purchase. We would do a proforma on the property based on billable acreage, number of units, cost, and the market on the backside for those finished slots and share that proforma with you, be transparent, and show you the costs and the work associated with developing your land for purchase.

Our second option is to do the professional services or entitlement work to bring that land from an undeveloped state to a finished lot-approved plat state. In that, we do those services, we work with the surveyor, the engineer, the watershed, the planning, the concept, approvals for the final plat, the city, the planning commission, and we take your property through that process for you.

We provide those professional services for a fee, and then we work to find the right builder to purchase those lots at the end of the process, when they’re on a final plat in approved state. Along with that, we would manage the infrastructure improvements, the roads, the water, and the sewer, the grading, the ponding, and all those things that need to be done to get those final finished lots prepared.

Our third option is working together, a choice in which you, as a seller, would provide the land. We, as the developer, would provide the financial resources and expertise to work on that together. In that particular scenario, we’re providing the improvement resources and the professional expertise to develop your property. You’re providing the land. We’re all in a safe, straightforward fair position, but the returns are a little better because we’re working together to get to that final stage of finished lots to sell to a builder.

If you are a landowner or a land agent representing a landowner, give us a call. We can review these three options. We love to sit down. We understand it. Give us a call and we can walk through the different choices that are available and find the best solution for you.