A Lakeshore Community

Lindstrom, Minnesota, 2022

Development Record – narrated by Don Skelly, High Pointe Land, LLC

December 29, 2021, Zoom meeting with City Staff; John O, Rita Trapp, Missy Glenna, John Herdigen, Beth Richmond. Discussed Sketch plan, MN DNR, densities, Tiers, South Center lakeshore lots/strategy.
My questions supplied before the meeting:

Here is the link to our file – very large file size due to all the layering.

This would be a small list of topics to discuss:

  1. The drawing was created to meet all MN DNR Tier/Density requirements, and hence only incorporates 100 homesites, so about 1 unit/acre. IMO, not a great use of the land for all the infrastructure expenses of road building. I am not even sure it will financially work out.
  2. The Glader Road reconstruction bifurcates the community into two distinct neighborhoods which is not ideal to keep a cohesive neighborhood feel. Also, we are planning a lakefront park on Linn Lake, and hence Glader would be unsafe for pedestrian crossings from the northern residents. Building a bridge walkway would be cost prohibitive – any chance there are other agency funds for something like this?
  3. The easterly section is drawn with 50’ lots intended for an empty-nester villa home, probably mostly turned garages, walkout basements on the lake side and likely some slab units on the northerly lots. A next update here would probably be to ‘zipper, or tilt’ the lake view lots 10-15 degrees to create some interest on the street scape and to get some more interesting views to the lake. This section is really the key to making this entire community economically feasible. It would be a first phase, and also has what will be the most valuable lots that could have enough absorption to attract a solid builder.
  4. The wooded high land on the South-SW we are suggesting we leave some significant open space for a park area that would have stunning overlook to the lake. I think we can retain some legacy trees here, install a walking trail, and find a spot to do a lakeshore dock. In our mind we might have a kayak rack, dock with fishing pier and maybe even an electric-motor pontoon for community use.
  5. As you see we have ghosted in the two exception properties for now. I will not be pursuing purchasing either of these. My general mode on this is to just create the best plat I can, and once they see a copy of it, they can come to me if they are interested in selling. We have reached out to the owners of the ~4 acre parcel on South Center, but I am not sure it adds much to our plat – steep side-bluff grades and then flat plateau at the water are tricky.
  6. I am interested in your feedback, suggestions for improvements. I don’t like the idea of all the large 100’ lots – would rather incorporate some higher density products in the westerly section. One product that could be a nice use would be some workforce housing, maybe some single family homes on smallish lots – 50-65’ widths. I would need your help to navigate this with MN DNR.
  7. I am all ears for ANY suggestions you have to make this community more aligned with the city’s objectives.  
  8. We’ve left a small parcel for a commercial use – not of huge importance to work that to any fine detail at this stage.

Please send my partner Kayla (cc’d here) and me a Zoomy link for tomorrow. The Dropbox file linked up is huge so it may take a moment to download.

December 22, 2021, requested that Ben calculate lineal road footage.
December 17, 20221, Received updated Sketch Plan 1.1.
December 17, 2021 – reviewed and received Sketch Plan 1.0 from RUD. Dan O, Ben N, Don, Kayla. Don suggested several small changes, including; Villa lots to be 50′, no lots to load onto Glader Road.
December 16, 2021, Received wetland info for community.

December 13, 2021, Dan O has a fairly accurate pencil sketch of entire parcel. Haugo did NOT do wetland work, so at this point he will just estimate what we have based on geo mapping they can obtain. He will send me some drawings later today.

December 9, 2021, Don & Steve. Haugo Geotechnical has soil and wetland work. Emailed Paul Haugo requesting it.

December 6, 2021, Don Skelly, Phone calls to various.

December 3, 2021, EG Rud & Sons
Base Layer Map

December 03, 2021 – EG Rud & Sons
Early Sketch Plan from Ron Bastyr days. 62 lots, attempt at 5 lake lots but only two will work. Interesting road alignment.

December 2, 2021, City of Lindstrom, John Olinger
Road Re-Alignment map created by city engineering, MSA.

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